Friday, April 21, 2006

Not Dead Yet

Our EV chapter and others who had come down for the Make Faire demo convened at the screening of the documentary "Who Killed The Electric Car" which was showing at the San Francisco Film Festival. This tale, of GMs much loved EV1 being sent to the crusher despite the popularity of the car and the horrified cries of those who wanted to keep it, was a neat summary of how corporate power, in collusion with government and oil interests, squelched any innovation threatening to their hegemony. The plucky, democratic, American can-do spirit, that we are counting on to solve our planetary problems, was clearly being trampled. Audiences come away outraged and wanting to do something. The film, distributed by Sony Classics, will open on June 28th in a handful of major cities. With a bit of luck it will build on the buzz it is already getting.

We passed out the "Not Dead Yet" postcard and a book mark for Sherry Boschert's book, Plug-in Hybrids: The Cars that will Recharge America coming out near the end of the year. We also offered rides, after the movie, in the RAV 4s and Danny's Solectria and Cal Cars offered rides in their Prius Plug-Ins. We drove people to the party for the film where I got to meet Chelsea Sexton, the GM representative for the EV1 and one of the stars of the film.


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